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Our Story

Fleur Swim celebrates beauty. Whether it’s a perfect view of the sunset over the ocean in some far away oasis, a poolside cocktail in the middle of the week or the natural elegance in every woman – all of it deserves to be appreciated.

When our founder, Sydney Flores, started designing Fleur pieces, she had one mission in mind: include everyone. Flatter every body.

She believes that all women should have a signature swim piece to wear that makes her feel comfortable, sexy and fashionable. Each piece, from striking Brazilian cuts to full coverage suits, is designed to flatter the way your body moves (or lounges in a chair).

Since 2016, Sydney and the Fleur Team have worked hard to create a swimwear brand that offers the perfect suit you’ve been searching for but could never find. We hope you enjoy our line as much as we enjoyed designing it for you.